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There can be more than one possible role for your personas, E.g. 'Marketing Mary' could be a Marketing Manager or a Director of Marketing
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How is their job measured? *

E.g. Leads generated, revenue generated, team productivity
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What tools do they use to get their job done, E.g. CRM? Organisational tools?
Who does {{answer_17831162}} report to? *

Who reports to {{answer_17831162}}? *

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What's the size of {{answer_17831162}}'s organization? *

Consider annual revenue and employee size. 
What are {{answer_17831162}}'s job responsibilities? *

What are {{answer_17831162}}'s goals? *

What are {{answer_17831162}}'s biggest challenges? *

How does {{answer_17831162}} gain new information
for the job? *

E.g. do they take online courses or go to conferences? Try doing a quick poll on your company's social networks or send out a survey using SurveyMonkey.
What publications or blogs does {{answer_17831162}} read? *

What associations and social networks does
{{answer_17831162}} belong to? *

What are the ways {{answer_17831162}} likes to communicate and interact with vendors?

E.g. email, social media, phone, SMS, face-to-face, etc.
Does {{answer_17831162}} search for vendors online?

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